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Introducing the Highlight Feature


We all want to be on top of things, especially when it comes to the security of the things we hold dear, but keeping track of all that activity throughout the day can be difficult. Whether you have family members coming and going at different times, the dry cleaner dropping by while you’re gone, or a back door that tends to swing open without prompting, your alarm system does a lot each day to keep track of the hustle and bustle around your home when you cannot. Your app now provides a feature that allows you to quickly catch up with a visual summary of all that’s happened while you were away. The Highlights feature provides a daily update of important activities and video clips, including when the system is armed or disarmed, when doors are locked and unlocked, and more. Thanks to the app, you can maintain a seamlessly awareness of your home’s activity!


We are so grateful to be in an industry that is dynamic, where we and our team are required to constantly grow and adapt; in the recent weeks, we are especially grateful for CEDIA, and the CEDIA Expo. Each year, the CEDIA Expo hosts thousands of industry professionals from all over the world together for five days of networking, training, brand exposure, and product launches. In the months building up to CEDIA, we hear the drum roll: the anticipation of who is going to do what and what novelty is about to be revealed. This conference provides an incredible opportunity to learn about new developments in the field and bring the benefits of that knowledge to our customers back home. After attending CEDIA this year, here are a few of the products we have our eye on:

The Frame

The Frame
No one would be surprised to hear that we love technology; after all, helping people enjoy technology and integrate it into their lives is what we do! What is surprising is that we’re now able to help our customers enjoy not only technology, but art as well. Though we may not be artists ourselves, The Frame by Samsung lets us bring a masterpiece into any space. The Frame is a television that doubles as a digital art display, and Samsung playfully refers to it as “the most beautiful TV you’ve never seen.” This word play alludes to the unique nature of this product: when it’s power is off, nobody would know that it’s a full-featured television. The art mode allows you to select prints, paintings, or photographs to display on the screen, enabling The Frame to masquerade as your favorite Picasso piece or exhibit your personal photography. This customizable feature grants you the ability to change your decor preference as often as you wish, while enjoying the classic features of a smart TV. So not only do we love The Frame for its technological innovation, but also because it allows our customers to further customize and cultivate their homes.

Welcome to Our Home Tips Blog

Welcome to Our Home Tips Blog

Welcome to the Custom Electronics Blog. We understand that using technology can be very cumbersome sometimes, and we are passionate about making your lives easier in this digital age with not only providing you the best products and service but also giving you the special one on one attention that we all welcome when making a large and complicated addition to our home. Here I will discuss things we’ve learned over the years of using, installing, repairing and enjoying our various technology products and services including custom home theater audio and visuals, automated home systems and alarm survalliance systems. Thank you for stopping by! -Victor