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We are so grateful to be in an industry that is dynamic, where we and our team are required to constantly grow and adapt; in the recent weeks, we are especially grateful for CEDIA, and the CEDIA Expo. Each year, the CEDIA Expo hosts thousands of industry professionals from all over the world together for five days of networking, training, brand exposure, and product launches. In the months building up to CEDIA, we hear the drum roll: the anticipation of who is going to do what and what novelty is about to be revealed. This conference provides an incredible opportunity to learn about new developments in the field and bring the benefits of that knowledge to our customers back home. After attending CEDIA this year, here are a few of the products we have our eye on:

Control4 has released a new product, the CA-10 controller, described as the “brain of your smart home.” Designed specifically for big jobs, the CA-10 delivers up to four times the processing power and memory of previous controllers. With the capacity for thousands of devices and multiple fail-safes to protect the system, this controller is able to single-handedly power an entire home automation system.

As for products that improve our work in the field, Rack-A-Tiers now makes multi-tool blades, as well as a drill attachment for sharpening those blades. We hope to increase efficiency and reduce cost by equipping our technicians with these new blades in the future.

We were also introduced to LeakSmart, a leak detection system designed to detect leaks and automatically stop water damage in your home, no matter where it comes from. When a leak is detected, the sensor sends an alert that prompts the valve to shut off the main water supply. LeakSmart operates off a smart home protocol with battery back up, allowing it to function even when power and Wi-Fi are down. A fantastic example of the broad reach of smart home integration, this product has the potential to protect against catastrophic water damage.

We are continually thankful and enthusiastic to be part of an industry that is constantly striving to cultivate dynamic, integrative solutions; we look forward to learning more about these and other products!

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