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- Meet The Hedgehogs -

Our people make the difference.



Team Player Joel

Joel Gaeta

Lead Technician - 2009

A tenured veteran of the company and one of the strongest examples of our teams work ethic, Joel constantly maintains excellence in craftsmanship while being the epitome of efficiency. From the smallest projects to the largest commercial ones, having Joel on site means its handled.

Team Player David

David Rogers

Lead Technician - 2012

As the leader of all things technical, David has set the bar sky-high for all current and future technicians. Years of dependability and generosity to his peers along with his passion for constantly finding the answer to our industries questions has made him the example of excellence he is.

Team Player Hector

Hector Valles

Master Electrician - 2013

A can do attitude with a smile on his face and a peace of mind in everyone around him that nothing could happen on the job that Hector wouldn’t be able to overcome. His efficiency level is second to none and his ability to learn new things makes Hector the poster child of excellence.

Team Player Adrian

Adrian Soto

Lead Technician - 2015

A perfect fit into our team, Adrian has become a stand out in the field. He handles every situation with a level of humility and in doing so has learned many aspects of what we do in an accelerated manner. Adrian is always one of the first to show generosity when our backlog requires overtime.

Team Player Abraham

Abraham Almaraz

Technician - 2015

When generosity and humility meets brute strength the result is a team member that everyone wants on their job. Abraham is a constant example of the work ethic we try to represent as a company. He’s the first guy on the job and the last guy to carry his tools off.


Edwin Reyes

Remote Support Technician - 2013

In the world of Audio Visual Systems, having a service technician with the ability to maintain our clients needs with dependability and efficiency is a must have for sustainability. Edwin is the guy for this job, his ability to communicate well in any situation has been great for our existing customer base.

Samuel Gurel

Technician - 2016

Another new face in our organization, Samuel has the recipe for success in our industry, with a quick wit and steady hands. Samuel continues to display excellence through his journey of being a technician.

Jose Araujo

Technician - 2018

With a hunger for knowledge and one of the strongest work ethics we have, Jose is making great strides towards becoming another core technician on our team. His humility inspires us all.

Santiago Duron

Technician - 2017

Day by day, Santiago has proven himself to be an exceptional addition to our team. With excellence and efficiency, he is keeping the pace with our most tenured technicians.

Roy Sandoval

Technician - 2018

A hard worker and great conversationalist, Roy strives to meet the standards set for him and has exemplified our values of excellence and dependability

Victor Gaucin

Technician - 2018

As generous and dependable as they come, Victor is one of our fastest learners. He is focused on working his way up to the top of the class and making a name for himself in the industry.

Team Player Tim

Tim Easley

Warehouse Manager - 2014

With an industry full of constant hardware change, Tim is the glue of efficiency that binds us all together. He has the answer to every question and is the ultimate example of dependability.

Team Player Kenda

Kenda Rogers

Office Manager - 2013

A cornerstone of our daily operations, Kenda handles incoming and outgoing transactions with grace and efficiency. She is also the resident reminder of employee anniversary dates and birthdays. Kenda’s kind heart and personable approach makes her a great resource to employees and clients we serve.

John Musser

Operations Manager - 2014

With 15 years of industry experience, John has found his home in our organization. With humility and dependability he is willing to fill whatever need the company has.

Daphne Gurel

CEO - 2007

In her own words, Daphne is the “Chief Servant to the H.E.D.G.E-hogs. She leads with patience, tenacity, dedication, and an open mind; her door is always open to problems that arise at any level. With a ceaseless drive for refinement, Daphne challenges the entire staff to pursue both personal and professional improvement. Daphne embodies and promotes our core values on a daily basis, representing the ethos of the company.

Custom Electronics 01 2

Victor Gurel

COO - 2007

A constant reminder of what our five core values look like, Victor is not only an owner in the company but the hardest working individual on staff. A devout follower in Christ, a husband, a father, and consistently humble enough to go from a budget meeting to ditch digging in the same day. Victor has set the bar for all current and future employees to follow.