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Who We Are

In 2008, Daphne and Victor Gurel decided to start a company focused on providing quality services and products that enrich the lives of customers, both residential and commercial. Through years of dedication and ceaseless hard-work, they have built a business that offers high quality workmanship from a professional, attentive staff. Now serving as CEO and COO, respectively, Daphne and Victor continue to lead Custom Electronics with the core values that shape both themselves and the company.

In her own words, Daphne is the “Chief Servant to the H.E.D.G.E-hogs. She leads with patience, tenacity, dedication, and an open mind. Her door is always open to problems that arise at any level. With a ceaseless drive for refinement, Daphne challenges the entire staff to pursue both personal and professional improvement. She embodies and promotes the core values on a daily basis.

A constant reminder of what the core values, Victor works to achieve any goal in front of him. His passion and drive is unwavering and unmatchable. A follower of Christ, a husband, and a father, he sets the bar with consistent humility, willing to move from a budget meeting to ditch digging when the need arises. 

Why do we call ourselves H.E.D.G.E-hogs? It’s a bit corny, we know. It started with the acronym H.E.D.G.E, which we use to remind ourselves of those core values that guide us: Humility, Efficiency, Dependability, Generosity, and Excellence. These are what make a H.E.D.G.E-hog. 

At Custom Electronics, our goal is to make every customer experience and interaction the best it can be. Daphne continually reminds everyone, “We are not in the electronics business--we are in the people business.” With that mindset, the leaders and team members pursue continual training and education, so that they are equipped to help clients navigate the rapidly changing world of technology and find the right solutions.